Sea Eagle 9 SE9 11ft Inflatable Boat with Motormount Features Review

Sea Eagle SE9 Motormount 11′ Inflatable Boat

The Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Boat is lightweight and importantly an affordable inflatable fishing boat.   Usefully this boat can accommodate up to 4 people.  It is an extremely stable boat and is suited to small gas or electric motors.  These boats are perfect for a wide variety of activities including river running to yacht tending, fishing to just plain recreational fun on the water. Checkout the Sea Eagle SE9’s impressive list of 5 Star Reviews which contribute to it being considered by users as one of the a Best Small Inflatable Boats.

Sea Eagle Motormount Boat Series

Best Online Prices Sea Eagle SE9 11ft Inflatable Tender Fishing Boat

Inflatable Motormount Boats are multi-purpose inflatable boats. They can be used for fishing, yacht tending, mild whitewater rafting and general going around lakes and bays.

Sea Eagle started manufacturing this series of boats in 1982, however they are still among their best selling.  The popularity of their boats is thanks to their stability, safety, versatility,and extremely reasonable cost. They are just about the Best Value Inflatable Boats available.

They can be used simply as ship to shore rowing dinghies using two oars or they can be fitted out.  This includes floorboards, bench seats, removable inflatable seats and a motormount to accommodate a small outboard motor.

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Sea Eagle SE9 Inflatable Boat Packages

Features of Sea Eagle 9 11ft Motormount Inflatable Boat

High Quality Small Inflatable Boat - Sea Eagle SE9 11ft Inflatable Tender Fishing Boat


Tremendous Stability and Weight Capacity

Since Sea Eagle Motormount Boats were first introduced they have been recognized as being incredibly safe in almost any sea conditions. This is as a result of their wide stance on the water and high hull configuration. The large air chambers and high flotation value of Sea Eagle Motormount boats allow them to carry an unbelievable weight load. These features make these boats super safe for everyone in the family to use.

Primary and Secondary Safety Air Chambers plus Removable Reinforced Inflatable Floor

Safety Air Chamber go all around the top of the main Air Chamber.  Probably the most important feature for safety and extra inside space, is the unique chamber on chamber design. Literally a boat on top of a boat this design feature gives several advantages. Because the safety chamber is well above the main chamber it is very difficult to puncture both air chambers at the same time. In addition the fact that the chamber is on top of a chamber, rather than side by side you’ll have a dryer cockpit and maximise interior space.

The removable, reinforced, tube, I-beam, 38 mil PolyKrylar™ inflatable floor is encased in the indestructible nylon fabric protective outer sheath and this provides improved rigidity and an additional backup safety chamber.

Two Easy To Open and Shut Floor Drains

By adding Two Easy To Open and Shut Floor Drains you have increased versatility and functionality.  With the  floor drains closed you are certain to remain high and dry and with the floor drains open, you can drain off water nearly as quickly as it enters.

Removable Reinforced Inflatable Floor

The Sea Eagle’s removable, double layer floor is reinforced and 4″ thick and is a chamber, I-beam constructed, 38 mil PolyKrylar™ inflatable internal floor.  This is securely seated within an indestructible external nylon fabric protective sheath outer layer and straps to secure your battery.   To provide rigidity and stability in the boat the floor can be inflated up to 2 psi unlike the 1 psi more often found .

Seating Options

The 14″ high inflatable seat improves field of vision and is great for fishing, whereas the 4″ high inflatable seat sits low for comfort and ease of use.

The Sea Eagle SE9  since it is a relatively simple and inexpensive inflatable boat but Accessories are Available.  If you are a fisherman chances are you would like a motor mount & motor and some comfortable seats, maybe even a canopy.

Features of Sea Eagle 9 11ft Motormount Inflatable Boat


Find Cheapest Online Prices & Check for Discounts & Offers Sea Eagle SE9 Motormount 11' Inflatable Boat


As the Sea Eagle SE9 Package is supplied with foot pump, why not treat yourself to the Sea Eagle’s recommended Bravo BTP 2 Stage Turbo Electric Pump

Specification of Sea Eagle SE9 11ft Motormount Inflatable Boat

Person Capacity: 4
Hull Weight: 35 lbs. (50 lbs. with inflatable floor & motor mount)
Length: 11ft
Beam: 4ft 8in
Interior: 7ft 6in x 2ft 4in
Load Capacity: 4 Adults or 1200 lbs
Deflated:Approx. 26 in x 26 in x 10 in
Chambers: 4 (main & upper safety chamber, motormount support & 1 in floor)
Tube Diameter: 15 in
Air Valves: 4 Deluxe One Way
Inflation time: 15 mins.
Seam: High Frequency Weld
Material:38 mil Polykrylar (K80 PVC)
Gas Engine Capacity: 3hp gas (20″ shaft minimum, 45 lbs max weight)
Electric Engine: up to 74 lbs. thrust electric motor (min 30″ shaft)
Floor: Inflatable Removable Double Layered Reinforced 4″ thick I-beam constructed w/ external protective sheath
Speed Estimates: 5-6 mph w/Gas, 4-5 mph w/Electric
Inflation Pressure: 1.1 psi for sides, up to 2 psi for floor