Connelly Nava Yoga 9ft 6in Stand Up Paddle Board Review Features

Connelly Nava Yoga 9ft 6in SUP Paddle Board Package

The Connelly Nava Yoga iSUP Paddle Board is the flagship to their new fitness line of inflatable paddleboards.  A perfect Inflatable Paddle Board for SUP Yoga with its massive 35.5″ wide, soft sanded EVA deck pad which is free of any strap or other feature that would get in your way. The rectangular design provides tip to tail stability for even the most difficult yoga poses. Float free or use any of the 4 anchor points to secure your SUP Anchor around the edge to keep your board stationary.  Although only 9ft 6in long it has a carry capacity of 350 lbs so suitable as a Paddle Board for Heavy Riders

Features of the Connelly Nava SUP Yoga Paddle Board

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  • 6″ high pressure drop stitch construction
  • Soft sanded EVA deck pad for comfort and traction
  • Bottom side carry strap for obstacle free platform
  • 4 corner carry straps
  • Rear bungee straps to hold down cargo

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Specification of Connelly Nava iSUP

  • Size: 9’6″
  • Width: 35.5″
  • Weight: 20.0 lbs
  • Volume: 355 L
  • Max Capacity: Up to 350 lbs

Connelly Nava iSUP Paddle Board Package Includes;

Best Price Online Connelly Nava 9ft 6in Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board

  • 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle
  • Carry bag with backpack straps
  • High pressure pump with gauge
  • Patch & repair kit
  • Coil leash
  • One removable 9” center fin

Reasons to consider buying the Connelly Nava iSUP Yoga Paddle Board

Finally the Connelly Nava iSUP brings you a Paddle Board designed specifically for SUP Yoga.  Its large oblong deck pad is shaped just like a Yoga Mat. And at 35.5″ wide it provides a very stable Paddle Board.  Being such a large volume it can also support up to 350 lbs.  If you want an iSUP specifically for your Yoga look no further.

It is designed with Yoga in mind so  its shape will not have the agility of a traditional shaped iSUP.

Cheapest Online Prices Connelly Nava SUP Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board