Connelly Drifter inflatable SUP Paddle Board Review Features

Connelly Drifter 10ft Inflatable Stand Up  Paddle Board

The Connelly Drifter inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an exceptionally light and low profile inflatable SUP despite it being 33 inches wide.   It  is 10ft long and just 4 inches deep and hence it weighs only 20.5 pounds.  Many paddle board manufacturers have adopted a 6 inch thickness but with the Connelly Drifter it’s high pressure drop stitch construction plus stabilizer strip produces a rigid 4 inch iSUP without adding extra weight.

Features and Specification of Connelly Drifter Inflatable SUP Paddle Board

Features Connelly Drifter 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

  • High pressure drop stitch construction
  • Stabilizer strip holds boards shape
  • Soft sanded EVA pad
  • Fusion wrapped rails for extra rigidity
  • Fixed side fins
  • Dimensions: Length 10ft x Width 33inch x Depth 4inch
  • Weight 20.5 lbs
  • Volume 185 lbs
  • Maximum Capacity/ Weight Load 250 lbs

What does the Connelly iSUP Package Include

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  • Connelly 10ft iSUP
  • 3 piece adjustable paddle
  • Carrying bag
  • High pressure pump with gauge
  • Patch & repair kit
  • Coil leash
  • One removable 9’’ center fin

Find Cheapest Prices Online Connelly SUP Drifter 10ft Inflatable Stand Up  Paddle Board

Why consider Buying the Connelly Drifter Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board?

When looking at the specification of the Connelly Drifter iSUP one of the appeals is it’s light weight.  Being just 20.5lbs it will be particualrly appealing to female and younger Paddle Boarders.  Yes, it’s only 4 inches thick when you see an increasing number of 6 inch board but it gains the rigidity with the stabilizer strip.  A very attractive board.

Photograph Courtesy of Connelly Skis